Plataran Dharmawangsa – The Cultural Elegance Of Indonesian Dining
Plataran Dharmawangsa – The Cultural Elegance Of Indonesian Dining
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17 April 2017

Plataran Announces Ecotourism Festivals, in Celebration of Indonesia’s Treasures

As an appreciation for the continuous loyalty and support from the local and expat communities in Jakarta, whom have placed Plataran Dharmawangsa as the "Best Restaurant in Jakarta" since its first opening year to present, including the recognition from an exclusive magazine Indonesia Tatler for 3 consecutive years. In commemoration of its third anniversary, Plataran Dharmawangsa secures its position through enhancement and fine tuning of some elements that brought the consistency of Cultural Elegance of Indonesian Dining as well as Exoticism of Indonesian Cuisine and Ambiance.

Some of the enhancements that have been done include the introduction of some new exotic food and beverage menu, as a result of extensive research in numerous places in Indonesia and Asia together with the development from the F&B Team of Plataran Indonesia. Furthermore, in alignment to its continuous improvements, Plataran Dharmawangsa’s theme of Royal Authentic Indonesian House and Garden is also strengthened by the presence of several new icon spots including the placement of authentic temple stones, aged hundreds of years, while maintaining the green and lush ambience of old Jalan Dharmawangsa, known to be an elite area in Jakarta.
Plataran Dharmawangsa retains the thematic concept of Indonesian royalty house compound, which consists of Main Joglo (main house) that has aged more than 150 years, Limasan (working house) and Surau (praying room), which each aging over 50 years, along with the open garden that blends harmoniously with the freely roam birds and guinea fowl with seating capacity up to 200 people. Filled up with cultural life events on a regular basis, Plataran Dharmawangsa has put itself as the ultimate place for exclusive dining experiences in Jakarta for private events, family dining, receptions or corporate events by using the theme of Indonesian Cultural Dining Elegance experienced and favoured by the Indonesia’s President, high-ranking officials, diplomatic corps, the local, and the expat community in Jakarta.


Plataran Dharmawangsa, the first dining venue opened in Jakarta by Plataran Indonesia, and the recently opened Plataran Menteng located at Jl. H.O.S Tjokroaminoto No. 42, taking the theme of "The Ultimate Elegance of Indonesian Dining", were both created to facilitate the needs of most people in Jakarta that for an Indonesian that is representative, elegant and legendary.

The enhancement above has been completed and on 15 April 2017, Plataran Dharmawangsa has reopened to serve the true loyalists who appreciate the Indonesian Exoticism Cuisine and Ambiance.

We thank your continuous support and look forward to see you in Plataran Dharmawangsa - The Cultural Elegance of Indonesian Dining.

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