Officially Announced As Nominee Of 2017 Top Sustainable Destinations 100
Officially Announced As Nominee Of 2017 Top Sustainable Destinations 100
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Plataran L'harmonie, 11 September 2017

Plataran Announces Ecotourism Festivals, in Celebration of Indonesia’s Treasures

Plataran L’Harmonie – West Bali National Park has once again been nominated as a candidate of 2017 Top Sustainable Destinations 100 by Green Destinations for the second time, having previously awarded as 2016 Top Sustainable Destination 100.

In the year of 2017, Plataran L’Harmonie has taken additional actions to enhance destination experience, to promote the destination through showcasing its natural environment and local culture and traditions, and to stay at the forefront of sustainability tourism initiatives in Bali. The first edition of Plataran X Trail – BNI Plataran X Trail 2107 in Plataran L’Harmonie marked a successful end with 504 runners from 18 countries, six (6) Jalak Bali were adopted from the National Conservation Center and released to the wild of Plataran L’Harmonie, and 1,100 mangrove trees were planted at the West Bali National Park. Furthermore, Plataran Menjnagan Resort & Spa opened eight (8) additional forest villas to accommodate visitor closer to the exquisite and unspoiled nature of Plataran L’Harmonie.

The award selects nominees based on its excellence in the primary aspects connected to destination’s quality offer to travellers including: Destination Management, Nature, Animals & Scenery, Environment & Climate, Culture & Tradition, Social Well-Being, Business & Hospitality. The selection process further involves evaluation by a panel of 100 international experts in cooperation with 20 other international organizations for sustainable tourism. The final winners of 2017 Top 100 will be announced on World Tourism Day, September 27th 2017.


Plataran L'Harmonie encompasses the ecotourism forest area of West Bali National Park, covering an area of 382 hectares with a coastline of more than 7 km facing Menjangan Island, an island well-known as a divers’ paradise for its exotic beauty of the underwater world. Its dense biodiversity encompasses many distinct ecosystems – from primary monsoon, mangrove and lowland rain forests, to savanna and seagrass landscapes, as well as shallow and deep-sea waters with sandy beaches and coral reefs. The area of Plataran L'Harmonie is also the primary habitat of the Jalak Bali or Bali Starling (Leucopsar rothschildi), an endangered and protected rare exotic bird. In addition to Jalak Bali, Plataran L'Harmonie is home to various flora and fauna species, including the Java Sparrow, Menjangan Wild Deer, and Giant Sea Fan.

Plataran L’Harmonie’s integrated master plan, planned by a world-class American master planner - Hitesh Mehta, encompasses a variety of accommodation; dining, wellness and leisure facilities; and programmes dedicated to the conservation of the parks natural ecosystems and indigenous wildlife species. Plataran L'Harmonie currently features two resorts, Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa and The Menjangan, and two restaurants, The Octagon Ocean Club at Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa and The Bali Tower at The Menjangan. Furthermore, there is no shortage of activities to entertain visitors with Plataran Encounters, from mountain biking, jungle trekking, kayaking and snorkelling, to birdwatching, horse-riding and more.

Visitors are also welcome to learn about and participate in Plataran L'Harmonie’s conservation efforts: the Scientific Education and Research Centre (SERC), a unique learning environment with access to the park’s amazing range of habitats; Plataran Bali Starling Sanctuary, a safe breeding ground for the critically endangered Bali Starling; and an Endemic Tree Planting Programme that nurtures biodiversity that is fast disappearing in other parts of the island.

The comprehensive natural ecosystems, unique local cultures, and sustainable ecotourism facilities, have brought Plataran L'Harmonie West Bali National Park as a national ecotourism pilot project, as appointed by the Ministry of Tourism. This recognition marks another award for Plataran, joining a list of other accolades including an award as the Best National Park Operator by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in the year 2015 and an international recognition as Top 100 Sustainable Destinations in the world in 2016.


Plataran is a homegrown Indonesian hospitality group whose vision is to contribute to Indonesia and Indonesians by showcasing to the world the rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage of this remarkable archipelago.

Plataran means ‘God's most favourite courtyard’, a reflection of our connection to and celebration of all the beauty and richness of culture that Indonesia has been blessed with. Plataran invites discovery and appreciation of Indonesia’s many treasures through its luxury brand of boutique hotels and resorts, private cruises, dining and event venues, developed in Indonesia’s most iconic and exotic destinations.

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