White Angels – The Epitome of An Everlasting Romanticism 

White Angels - The Epitome of An Everlasting Romanticism 

Bali Starling (Leucopsar rothschildi)

Plataran Menjangan Resort and Spa, an ecotourism resort with nature escapism, cocooned within the protected sanctuary of West Bali National Park was opened in 2016.

During the development of the resort, one of the impactful nature conservation programmes taken in place by Plataran was the breeding of the endangered Bali Starling. In 2015, Plataran responsibly took part in this meaningful programme, and by 2016 the Bali Starling sanctuary developed by Plataran was fully completed.

Plataran has successfully breed these white angels from 8 pairs of Bali Starling in 2014 to 9 pairs with 3 offspring still nurtured on site, 5 have been recently released to nature and a few others have first enjoyed their natural habitual.

These amazing lovingly Bali Starlings, that we refer to White Angels are territorial birds. Their natural habitat is at West Bali National Park. They are the epitome of an everlasting romanticism. They will never change their soulmate for the rest of their life.

These white angels adorn purity and cleanliness. Their day won’t start without dipping in crystal clear water. These medium-sized (up to 25 centimetres (9.8 in) long) angels have long, drooping crest, and black tips on the wings and tail. Their blue bare skin around the eyes, greyish legs and a yellow bill are typical to both male and female.

They behave inconspicuously in their natural habitat, delightfully using tree tops for cover and these angels usually gracefully appearing to the ground only to drink or to find nesting materials.

Tuneful chirps, melodious whistling and twittering sound of males attracting females during the breeding seasons (the rainy season of Bali) are mesmerizing like an alluring concert amidst this wondrous national park. The female usually incubates two or three precious eggs. And both males and females caress their offspring by bringing food to their nest.

Plataran has always stood on 3 pillars; nature, culture and community. Ecotourism has been in the gene and DNA of Plataran from the first day of its inception until forever it may be. At Plataran we believe that Indonesia’s nature is truly God’s gift. And the way we can express our gratefulness is through protecting and taking care of it.

We may not see God but we can feel God’s presence through nature. Ecotourism is the way forward. Taking care of nature, preserving culture, and contributing to society.

At Plataran we will continue to carry this on as we are proud to be responsible Indonesians.

Plataran Menjangan has been appointed as National Centre of Ecotourism by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Republic of Indonesia.

Embrace nature and experience a day with these amazing angels at our sanctuary.

Book your stay and be ready to discover an everlasting romanticism.



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