To Compliment, Not Compete

To Compliment, Not Compete

Hutan Kota Plataran, 10 December 2019

On 3 December 2019, Plataran Indonesia’s founder, Yozua Makes, introduced the group’s latest project to local business owners in Senayan, with a promise that it would help rather than hinder their operations. In a move that’s indicative of Plataran’s commitment to find harmony with its surroundings – whether national parks, heritage sites or urban commercial districts – the first people to get a glimpse of the group’s latest project, named Hutan Kota Plataran, were its neighbors.

Although the building is not due to open its doors to the public for another week, Mr. Yozua Makes and his wife, Ibu Dewi, invited a select group of local shopkeepers, F&B vendors and small business owners for an exclusive tour of the site, introducing them to the facilities, grounds and dining spaces that will soon make Hutan Kota Plataran Jakarta’s hottest new dining and events venue. Standing in the venue’s new lobby, amid the building materials and scaffolding that confirm HKP remains a work in progress, Mr. Makes presented Plataran’s vision of the project to his guests, and outlined its potential to dovetail nicely with their own business interests. For example, the increased upmarket traffic is expected to generate extra revenue for local businesses, as HKP patrons’ drivers, assistants and general retinue overflow to the surrounding vendors in GBK.

The delegation of local business owners and workers were then treated to a tour of the site, exploring its grounds, kitchens and dining rooms, where they got a sneak peak of Hutan Kota Plataran. Located within Gelora Bung Karno complex (GBK) in Senayan, Hutan Kota Plataran sets out to celebrate Indonesia’s past while also looking ahead to its future. With a mission to bring the ‘Light of Nusantara’ to Jakarta, it will become the only destination in the capital that combines nature, culture, cuisine and conservation, showcasing the unique cultural heritage of Indonesia and contributing to the greening of its capital.

Hutan Kota Plataran will officially open to the public on 19 December 2019.

Writer: Plataran Indonesia

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