Things to do in Canggu

Things to do in Canggu

Learn the art of traditional Jamu-making or master local recipes in a private cooking class. Strengthen your mind and body with the signature boot camp, yoga, and meditation sessions. Tour some of Bali’s most famous temples. Go mountain trekking or river rafting. Whatever your interests, we offer a multitude of activities for you to experience Bali and its unique culture on your own personalised journey.

Jati Luwih Land Cruise

An adventure to experience and witness the natural and cultural aspects of Bali.
Away from the busy main streets of Bali, take the back road and pass by rural villages until you reach the UNECSO World Heritage site, Jati Luwih Rice Fields. Recognized as one of the most beautiful and pristine rice terrace in Bali, it also showcases the properly preserved Bali’s cultural and ecological landscape in the form of intact ‘Subak’ institutions, the temple network of Batukaru area, and the modesty of people’s daily life.

A short ride from Jati Luwih, you will reach Batukaru Temple. Nestled at an altitude of 2,270 m above sea level, it is one of the key temple in Bali. During your visit, our local concierge will share his knowledge on this spiritual temple.

Sunset Tour

Tanah Lot is one of the most iconic and spiritually important locations in Bali, where you will discover a spectacular temple built on a rocky outcrop oshore. This exclusive tour takes you to Tanah Lot via Alas Kedaton; a scenic nutmeg forest and temple that’s also a sanctuary for a troop of mischievous gray long-tailed macaques. Enjoy a snack of sandwiches and refreshments prepared by our food & beverage team, before continuing to Tanah Lot for an unforgettable sunset over the ocean.

Volcano Sunrise - Jeep Tour (Mount Batur)

This exclusive encounter from Plataran Canggu Bali takes you to Kintamani in the northeast corner of Bali, home to idyllic lakes, rolling farmland and the island’s second-highest volcano: Mount Batur. You will explore this awe-inspiring landscape in a 4WD jeep, navigating country paths through villages and up mountain slopes, until you reach a beautiful viewpoint for breakfast. This is a spectacular way to start the day; a memory to savour from the roof of Bali.

Dine Like A Royal Balinese

Enjoy the majestic combination of Balinese culture and cuisine as you explore and taste authentic dishes that were served only to the royal family and dedicated honored guests of the Balinese kingdom. A wide variety of dishes, rich in flavor with its locally sourced ingredients together with Chef’s secret herb mix, will be served in small portions, accompanied with rice on a banana leaf plate

Cook Like A Local

Take part in one of the best authentic cooking class in Bali. Together with our talented culinary team, learn how to perfectly bring out the complex Balinese flavors into your dish. This culinary journey will be held in a traditional Balinese kitchen with a wood fired oven to enhance the authenticity of the cooking process.

But before any cooking starts, join our Chef to collect fresh produce from the local market as he explains the different ingredients you come across. After the class, gather around amidst our lush gardens to enjoy the dishes you have crafted.

Picnic Breakfast

What better way to savor the sunshine than packing up a breakfast picnic. Go old school with a blanket in the yard with a thermos of coffee, another full of milk and bring your breakfast out on a tray.

Indonesian Degustation Dinner

Indulge in a five-course menu inspired by the traditional flavors of the region. Enjoy this delightful culinary journey of Indonesian and Balinese cuisine in a venue of your choice.

Three Temples Tour

Explore the Island of the Gods with our local concierge through an informative cultural journey.

Start your day as you take a scenic drive through local villages and picturesque rice fields of rural Bali until you reach the Lake Bratan National Park, where you will find the first temple of the trip - Pura Ulun Danu Temple. Enhance your experience with a boat tour* around the lake for a cooling and relaxing retreat.

Continue your journey and head to the second temple, Taman Ayun temple – a beautiful Balinese royal temple setting on an immaculately maintained garden. Lastly, reach the world-famous Tanah Lot temple built overlooking the Indian Ocean right on time for sunset for an extraordinary sight.

Temple Above The Clouds

Lempuwang temple is one of the oldest temple in Bali nestled on the peak of Mount Lempuyang. After climbing a steep staircase of 1,700 steps, you will be greeted with a priceless view of Mt. Agung, and even Lombok Island on a clear day.

Head down to Sukasada Park for a pinic lunch. Built by the king of Karangasem as a place to welcome important visitors and to spend time relaxing, you will see a unique combination of Balinese and European architecture.

Tanah Lot Sunset Tour

Before heading to catch the sunset at Tanah Lot, stop by small, yet amid beautiful surroundings, temples. The first stop is at the Alas Kedaton Temple, which is located within a small forest where you can see monkeys in their natural habitat. From there, take a short drive to Taman Ayun Temple – a beautiful Balinese royal temple setting on an immaculately maintained gardens.

Finally, on time for the sunset, head to the world-famous Tanah Lot Temple, built on a sea rock overlooking the ocean, to admire the best sunset Bali has to offer. If you are lucky, catch the Tanah Lot Kecak Fire dance with a stunning backdrop of the Indian ocean.

Mepayas: Balinese Costume Experience

Dress yourself up like a Balinese King or Queen with an elegant Balinese traditional costumes. Our in-house photographer will capture this moment for you to take back and remember.


Plataran Canggu Bali invites you off the beaten track to explore one of Bali’s less-visited, yet most spiritually rich locations. Tucked away in the village of Sading in Bali’s Badung Regency, Keraban Langit is a temple carved into a cliff on a river bank, enveloped by verdant jungle and rice fields. “Melukat“ is one of Bali's magical purification rituals, literally meaning “to let go“ or release something held within us. Using holy natural spring water, Balinese melukat rituals encourage people to purge themselves of negative energy. This unique encounter letting you explore the site at your own pace. You will discover the natural beauty and spiritual power of the location, where you are encouraged to explore, meditate, make offerings and ask for blessings. With its spectacular natural setting and rich cultural heritage, this beautiful temple off the beaten track is a blessing in and of itself.

Private Yoga

Gain mastery over your mind, emotions, and body with a private yoga class specially tailored just for you. Based on your strength and weaknesses, a certified yogi will guide you through an intensive, yet mind reviving, yoga session. Private Yoga sessions can be arranged anytime of the day.




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