Plataran Indonesia 14th Anniversary “Karya Untuk Bangsa”

Plataran Indonesia 14th Anniversary "Karya Untuk Bangsa"

6 January 2023

Plataran Indonesia turns 14 this month and honors the legacy with the theme; True National Pride – “Kar14 untuk Bangsa”. This anniversary marks Plataran’s continuous achievement that was not a coincidence but a result of dedicated passion and hard work which never stops as the journey continues to grow in every aspect and on all its business fronts, by prioritizing its contribution to the tourism sector and Indonesia through Plataran's three main pillars: nature, culture, and society. Plataran's debut in 2009 was a major milestone for the Indonesian hotel industry because it marked the establishment of an authentic Indonesian company with the vision "For Indonesia and Indonesians," that strives to elevate Indonesia's prominence on a worldwide scale.

Plataran thrives on innovation and authenticity and has proven to be an industry leader that has withstood extraordinary times, including during the pandemic which had a severe impact on the tourism industry. Plataran's goal is to empower all levels of society to realize their full potential and create a positive impact on the environment through the hospitality and tourism sector, that is profoundly anchored in Indonesian culture and history, as well as environmentally conscious through resorts, hotels, restaurants, venues, and various other hospitality-related businesses.

As a pioneer not only in the ecotourism hospitality and food and beverage industries, Plataran has been entrusted with the role of host to honorary government representatives from the President and vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, as well as numerous ministries, world leaders, and the G20 as an official partner over the years. Since its inception, Plataran has been committed to providing every guest
an unforgettable Indonesian hospitality experience while also pursuing its passion for innovating experiences that are contemporary yet rooted in tradition.

Plataran launches three campaign themes this year, all anchored on the three primary pillars: True to Nature, True to Community, and True to Culture. By incorporating Plataran's genetics and DNA into the development of ecotourism, Plataran achieves a larger goal, namely to invite the younger generation to demonstrate their creativity, encourage them to continue to innovate, and to have an identity as responsible Indonesian citizens through the principles of true identity, integrity, creativity, and originality.

“The year 2023 is a year of gratitude for Plataran to God Almighty because Plataran has not only gone through the dark tunnel of Covid for almost 3 years, but Plataran has also continued to grow and develop extraordinarily during the pandemic. Therefore Plataran's gratitude will be manifested in 2023 as a year of transition from the sea to the ocean opportunities & challenges by working harder, being creative,
responsible and continuing to achieve and contribute to Plataran's loyal customers, the community, and being the pride of Indonesia on the national and international stages through the launch of the tagline True Indonesian Icon - True National Pride.” Said Yozua Makes as CEO and Founder of Plataran Indonesia Group.

In conjunction with the anniversary, as a way of expressing gratitude to the community and commemorating International Education Day, which occurs on January 24, Plataran will hold collaborative workshops with 14 local organizations across Indonesia on a variety of inspiring topics throughout the month. The excitement continues as Plataran celebrates 14 of Indonesia's most influential social influencers for becoming agents of positive change in the country and for their unwavering support in showcasing Plataran's venues with their unique experiences. To cap off the anniversary a series of menus with a taste of the homeland are carefully researched and developed with specialists from educational institutions that focus on using native Indonesian plants that have many health advantages, are presented by Plataran as the Iconic Ecotourism Menu, the only and first in Indonesia. The Iconic Ecotourism Menu is a series of menus provided as a tribute and appreciation for Plataran's cultural heritage, and it is accessible in all Plataran locations in Jakarta. Additionally, Plataran has created an Anniversale program with special stay offers for all of its resort and hotel locations as well as additional point rewards for Circle of Friends members.

As an addition to marking this milestone, Plataran is proud to announce that various exciting projects will be ready to be unveiled this year. Centered in the iconic area of the Bandung region, Plataran will host an exquisite venue and dining destination, and will soon uphold being the heartbeat of West Java. Within the first quarter of this year, Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa and Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa will be enhancing its facilities in an effort to better accommodate all MICE and wedding clientele. Furthermore, two of its locations in Jakarta, Hutan Kota by Plataran and Plataran Kinandari, have emerged as the perfect places to organize not only magnificent wedding festivities but also motivational business meetings and events, as well as artistic and cultural exhibitions. Furthermore, the success of Plataran Catering Services - Taste of Personalized Excellence is also ready to provide detail-oriented, dependable catering services, as well as exceptional dishes prepared by the Plataran culinary team.

Plataran invites everyone to a grand celebration to mark the 14th anniversary of one of the most well-known hospitality groups in Indonesia. Plataran expresses gratitude to family, friends, guests, and partners for their ongoing support and the trust they have provided in the company since its establishment.

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