Plataran Bromo Xtravaganza 2019 More Than Just A Marathon

Plataran Bromo Xtravaganza 2019 More Than Just A Marathon

10 June 2019

Plataran Bromo Xtravaganza 2019 More Than Just a Marathon

This August, Plataran Bromo will again be the official host of the annual Bromo Marathon. The race is the centerpiece of Plataran’s Bromo Xtravaganza; a unique event that introduces visitors not only to the natural beauty and adventurous potential of Bromo, but also the culturally rich communities the landscape supports. Combining healthy competition with colourful festivities, this year’s event is set to be a big success.


About Bromo Marathon

From 31 August - 1 Sept 2019, around 2,000 people from countries all over the world are expected to participate in the Bromo Marathon, centered around Plataran Bromo Hotel in Desa Ngadiwono near the small town of Tosari in East Java.

Officially titled ‘Bromo Marathon 2019’, this annual international running event attracts runners of all ages, abilities and nationalities, including Americans, Australians, Japanese, Nigerian, Swedish, and other European and Asian athletes.

The race will be divided into several categories: Full Marathon (42 km); Half Marathon (21 km); 10 km Fun Run; and 5 km Fun Run. Each race will start and finish at Plataran Bromo Hotel, where many competitors are also expected to make use of the resort’s comfortable accommodation, dining and spa services during their stay.


Plataran Bromo Xtravaganza Activities

A range of festivities surrounding the marathon serve as a promotional event for the government of Pasuruan, specifically to showcase the beauty and local wisdom of the Tengger people in the Tosari Pasuruan area. First held in 2013, the Bromo Marathon is about more than just sports.

Plataran Bromo Xtravaganza 2019 will include a range of cultural events, including live music and cultural performances, a Masterchef challenge in collaboration with Indonesian Chef Association and National TV Broadcaster, a Reog Pasuruan Festival, custom bike competition and fireworks.


About Plataran Bromo

Conveniently located at the gateway to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – Plataran Bromo lets visitors fully immerse themselves in the unique cultural and natural wonders of the landscape around them.

Through activities such as Bromo Xtravaganza, Plataran has developed a reputation as a True Indonesian Icon, bringing the unique heritage of Indonesia to the attention of an international audience, while directly benefiting the communities, cultures and natural habitats to which the group owes its success.

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