Plataran Bandung: A New Concept in West Java’s Historical Heart

Plataran Bandung: A New Concept in West Java's Historical Heart

Plataran Indonesia proudly announces the grand opening of Plataran Bandung, a refreshing and innovative establishment located in Bandung's historical government district, right next to the iconic Gedung Sate. With its Intimate Royal Homey Dining ambiance and convention facilities, Plataran Bandung sets the stage for unforgettable events, including MICE activities, weddings, and notable celebrations. Combining premium ingredients, authentic flavors, and West Java's renowned culinary heritage, Plataran Bandung invites guests to indulge in a diverse menu of Indonesian, Asian, and International cuisines.

Honoring Bandung's Heritage

Plataran Bandung is a tribute to the heritage of the City of Flowers, serving as a representative event venue for private meetings and grand gatherings alike. From intimate gatherings to large-scale corporate parties accommodating up to 600 guests, Plataran Bandung ensures a comfortable experience with its exclusive drop-off service. The warm and welcoming Askara Lounge sets the tone, leading guests into the main dining area of Merak Venue, where a pristine ambiance awaits. Drawing inspiration from the historic Gedung Sate, the private rooms of Plataran Bandung offer exclusivity and personalization, making them perfect for various events. The five private rooms, named Elang, Gelatik, Kenari, Kepodang, and Murai after Indonesian exotic birds, provide distinct advantages and can be customized to meet guests' preferences in terms of facilities, capacity, and menu selection.

Unparalleled Event Experiences

For those seeking an unparalleled event experience, the Cendrawasih Venue is the ultimate choice. This elegant area offers complete privacy and exclusivity, making it ideal for private functions such as company meetings and conferences, with personalized butler service. Plataran Bandung also caters to high-profile events, including presidential-level gatherings, government functions, and embassy events. The Jalak Bali Lounge welcomes guests with contemporary aperitifs crafted by expert mixologists, accompanied by tasty light bites. For those who prefer an outdoor setting, the Khatulistiwa Terrace provides a spacious dining area, perfect for enjoying delectable dishes with loved ones or hosting themed outdoor soirées.

Local Appreciation and Sustainability

Plataran Bandung's "True National Pride" campaign embodies a deep appreciation for local culture and sustainability. The establishment proudly showcases Bandung-based plant installations, wooden attributes, and interior decorative items, all curated from local sources. The space is further enhanced by stunning mural decorations created by talented local artists, aligning with Plataran's commitment to supporting Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) through the Plataran UMKM Ecosystem program. Additionally, Plataran's CSR program includes carbon offsetting through tree planting, compensating for emissions generated by large-scale events hosted at Plataran Bandung.

The Heartbeat of West Java

Plataran Bandung represents a new concept in a legendary area, seamlessly blending contemporary dining with a warm and homey atmosphere. Whether you're planning a MICE activity, a dream wedding, or a remarkable celebration, Plataran Bandung offers the ideal venue. With its strategic location, rich culinary offerings, and commitment to local appreciation and sustainability, Plataran Bandung stands as the heartbeat of West Java, inviting guests to create cherished memories in an exceptional setting.

Plataran Bandung has arrived, introducing a fresh and captivating concept to Bandung's historical government district. Immerse yourself in the Intimate Royal Homey Dining ambiance, complemented by convention facilities, and experience the perfect venue for MICE activities, weddings, and notable celebrations.

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