10 June 2019

From Idul Fitri to Father’s Day, and from Galungan and Kuningan in Bali to Vesak Day at Borobudur, the next two months will feature a range of family-oriented festivities throughout Indonesia. Plataran resorts all over the archipelago will be the setting for reunions, catchups, and the making of brand-new memories together that will live on through the generations. At this time of solidarity and celebration, we caught up with two members of our Plataran family, to find out what family means to them.


Agus Sutanto

How does it feel to be a Father?

It feels absolutely amazing to be a Father! I am blessed to have two boys, who are both my biggest supporters, my inspiration and the most precious thing in my life.

How do you spend quality time with your family??When we have time together, we like to chat and discuss what each of us has been doing during the day. We’re also a very foodie family, so love nothing better than to venture out in search of some new culinary experiences. This doesn’t have to be a long journey – we actually really like walking around our neighborhood in search of street food and some delicious local delicacies.



What does family mean to you?

I feel so thankful for having a loving wife and three very lovable boys. Being a father is such an unbelievable experience, and the best thing in life for me. Family means everything to me; they are the reason I come home and the reason why I work so hard too – to support my family and make sure they are taken care of. For me, it is important that I always strive to improve myself - so my family can respect me and learn from me.

How you spend quality time with your family?

For us, family time is food time! We love to eat together – whether gathered round a table at home, in our favorite restaurant, or just tucking into a big bucket of popcorn at the cinema, we’re all committed to the culinary! One of my favorite ways to spend time with family is driving my boys to school in the mornings. Our religion and our cultural heritage are central to our family life; we all go to temple together to pray and pay our respects – it’s a great way to connect not just as a family, but as a community too. In Bali, the whole island is like one big family, so celebrations and festivals strengthen the bond between all of us.