People Behind Plataran Encounter

People Behind Plataran Encounter

01 April 2019
Yakobus Dama Lero
Plataran Private Cruises
Yakobus describes his experience working at Plataran as “something extraordinary“, and a source of personal pride for him. Since his first involvement in establishing the Plataran Komodo Phinisi vessel, his own personal voyage with the Plataran crew has been filled with adventure, comradery and pride. As he explains:
“Plataran’s philosophy is all about maintaining and celebrating Indonesian culture. From the owner down to our team members in all the destinations around the country, we are all proud Indonesians. It’s like one big family.“ Sailing aboard Plataran Komodo’s spectacular Phinisi sailing ship, Yakobus gets to see first-hand the beauty of Indonesia for himself. Nothing makes him happier than inviting visitors to join him on his journeys around Komodo, so they can experience the magic of Indonesia too.
Yulius Ebol
Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa
Referred to as ‘Yulius’ by his friends and colleagues, Yulianus Ebol is the Leisure Activities Coordinator at Plataran Komodo Beach Resort. At just 28 years old, he has already traveled extensively around Indonesia for both work and leisure; born in Betong village in the Boleng District of Labuan Bajo in Flores, NTT, Yulius soon left home to study tourism at a high school in Bali, where he continued to pursue his passion for tourism by graduating from college in the same discipline.
Yulius’ career path reflects his commitment to hospitality and his love of tourism. In 2010, he worked at the Hotel Mediterano Bali Hotel as a Guest Relations Officer (GRO), then in 2012 went on to work at Pacto Travel Bali agency as a tour operator, before becoming a freelance event organizer for MICE, weddings and leisure. In 2013 he joined the Butlers Service at Alindra Villa, managed by Avilla hospitality, then became Butler at Allila Villas Uluwatu Bali in 2014. The following year he joined the Guest Leisure Activities team at Twon Square Bali Seminyak Hotel (TS Suite Seminyak), before returning to his hometown of Labuan Bajo in early 2017, where he joined Plataran Komodo beach resort.
After all his travels, education and work experience, Yulius is happy to be home again, doing what he loves. His favorite activities include traveling, hiking, camp adventures, watersports, football and music. When he’s not coordinating activities for guests, Yulius likes to explore his own interests in culture, nature and local historical sites. With his combination of local knowledge, extensive experience and his passion for adventure, he is the perfect guide for guests at Plataran Komodo who are looking to explore and discover unique experiences of their own.
Ade Dwi Mahendra
Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa
Ade is a Senior High School graduate who has just set out on his professional journey with Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa. He began working with us as a ranger, then moved to the artwork department and is now a member of the activities team, specializing in trekking and bird watching. Through his passion for nature, his creativity and his dedication, Ade is able to provide Plataran guests with a truly unique and immersive trip into the beautiful wildness of West Bali National Park.
Muhammad Khoir
Plataran Borobudur Resort & Spa
Muhammad Khoir started his career with Plataran as an Animal Keeper in 2010. A naturally funny and light-hearted person, he also knows when to be serious and take charge. After many years living in Jakarta, he appreciates the peace and quiet of nature that surrounds Borobudur. His commitment to the cause and his affinity for nature are beyond doubt; once he slept in our deer cage, just to make sure that a sick animal made it through the night. In his free time, he loves venturing out into the natural world surrounding his home, particularly if it involves fishing.
Putu Teja
Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa
Putu Teja is the Guest Service Supervisor at Plataran Ubud Hotel, specializing in delivering a range of activities to those who come to stay with us. Many of these activities focus on wellness, meditation and cultural immersion, allowing our guests to discover the richness of Bali’s heritage through its rituals and ceremonies. In one self-cleansing ritual, guests can discover Balinese cultural customs known as ‘Sancita Karmaphala’; emphasizing mindfulness and the spiritual significance of living in the moment.
To help our guests prepare for these unique and complex ceremonies, there are many things Teja must prepare. Balinese offerings known as ‘banten’ or ‘pejati’ must be put together, while a priest who can lead the ritual also has to be found. Teja also prepares a complete Balinese traditional outfit for guests, so they can wear the sacred garments during their cleansing ritual at a small temple located in our hotel area.
Ajat Sudrajat
Plataran Bromo Resort & Venue
Ajat is the horse nurse at Plataran Bromo, where he cares for the resort’s four horses: Si Bro, Jackson, Black Sweet and San Diego. Two of them are local breeds, while the others are Sandalwood ponies from the Indonesian island of Sumbawa. Each requires continuous attention and care to make sure they are happy, healthy and ready to take guests out exploring the dramatic landscapes and volcanic mountains of Bromo. Helped by his colleague Luxman Nul Hakim, Ajat is an accomplished rider who understands the needs and characteristics of each of his horses. Every day he cares for their health, hygiene and dietary requirements, while also helping guests who want to schedule horse riding around Plataran Bromo.
Wayan Ariadi
Plataran Canggu Resort & Spa
Wayan Ariadi is the Cycling Coordinator at Plataran Canggu, where he takes guests out in the Bali sunshine to discover village life on the island. Native to the area, Ariadi is an experienced member of the team at Plataran Canggu, who provides guests with valuable and in-depth insights into Bali’s landscapes, traditions and communities. To prepare for the Village Cycling program, he first checks the condition of all bicycles, helmets and safety equipment to be used each day. He then leads the briefings with guests before the activity begins, providing useful information about safety, security and the routes to be passed. Setting off from Plataran Canggu, he guides our guides to an area of rice fields in the village of Umalas, helping them to find the most beautiful and picturesque spots on the journey, before leading them back to Plataran Canggu. Lasting around 40 minutes, the tour introduces guests to the distinctive and timeless village life of Bali, providing them with unique moments in their trip and memories that will last a lifetime.

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