Hospitality With Impact

Hospitality With Impact

As a homegrown Indonesian hospitality group whose vision is to contribute to Indonesia and Indonesians by showcasing the rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage of this remarkable archipelago to the world, Plataran is committed to actualizing long-term values that leave positive impacts to local communities and planet Earth.

As a “True Indonesian Icon“, we have proudly showcased #JendelaIndonesia; the diverse natural and cultural heritage of our beloved homeland, striving every day to protect and promote this captivating archipelago for the good of Indonesia and Indonesians.

Looking to the future, we strive to continue enforcing #HospitalityWithImpact, geared towards enhancing the positive impacts of tourism and preserving the unique qualities of Indonesia with a variety of destination-inspired activities that range in nature from cultural and culinary richness to adventure and sport-tourism. This is a form of optimism in welcoming the revival of Indonesian tourism and as a contribution to ending the pandemic chain.


Welcoming World Tourism Day, Plataran highlighted the beauty of unity in society, in the post-pandemic revival period by showing the togetherness between employees and society as a whole.

Commemorating the importance of the tourism sector's contribution to the world, especially for the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), Plataran Indonesia will show concrete actions that have been taken so far, including:

  • 80% of employees are local residents (nearby villages).
  • Rumah Sehat Plataran; Rumah Plataran Indonesia (Provides health insurance for local residents).
  • Invite hotel & resort guests to interact and contribute to the activities of local residents.
  • Provision of clean water for residents around Six Langit by Plataran #HospitalityWithImpact
  • Provision of Bokashi Compost for farming communities around the Plataran Menjangan area #HospitalityWithImpact

In addition, in accordance with this year's theme, 'Tourism for Inclusive Growth', through this program we want to show the resumption of eco-cultural tourism which will help economic recovery and growth amid current conditions.

Plataran contributes to local communities and celebrates the diverse background of Indonesia by providing and developing places of worship for locals.


Plataran continues to be at the forefront of sustainable tourism development in Indonesia by showcasing natural ecosystems and sustainable eco-tourism facilities to travelers at its destinations:

Plataran Komodo - Komodo National Park
Explore the Privilege Water World Access at Plataran Komodo, or hop aboard one of the Plataran private cruises for unforgettable island-hopping excursions and the chance to see the fabled Komodo dragons up close. Test your fitness in locations of spellbinding natural beauty, then finish the adventure with sunset on our jetty; Komodo is the perfect tonic for body and soul.

Plataran Menjangan - West Bali National Park
Experience nature’s endless treasures – on a trek through the jungle, encountering wildlife on a bike ride, or indulging your passion for snorkeling & diving. Enjoy the beautiful Menjangan Island where you can do yoga with a view; overlooking the beautiful ocean accompanied by the sound of the waves provides peace of mind for your physical and emotional well-being.


Plataran Indonesia is Indonesian hospitality company founded in 2009 which is engaged in tourism and its supporting activities and has received world and national awards such as the Sustainable City and Human Settlement Awards from the Global Forum on Human Settlements, Runner Up Best Asian Sustainable Destination and Top Sustainable Destinations 100 from Green Destinations and Indonesian Leading Hotel Chain from the Indonesian Leading Hotel Chain. Plataran is also a company that has received public recognition as The True Indonesian Icon and The True Indonesian Ecotourism Icon in its activities that promote "Nature-Culture-Indonesian Community" on the national and world stage.


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