From Farm To Table

From Farm To Table

Plataran Indonesia, 10 January 2019

Plataran destinations are perched on nature’s doorstep, integrated with the land and communities that surround them. Ingredients and expertise are sourced locally, so that culinary creations are connected to and inspired by the world outside the kitchen window. This provides our guests with a unique opportunity to venture out and discover the depth and diversity of the landscape outside; from farm to table and from ocean to plate, the natural wonders and cultural traditions of Indonesia add extra flavor to every dish.

Following the journey of fresh produce from field to table, guests at Plataran Bromo can now set off for an encounter called ‘Tea Walk’, which takes them on a scenic ride through the countryside of central Java, to the region’s idyllic tea plantations. This emerald-green patchwork blankets the rolling volcanic landscape and produces some of the best tea in Indonesia. Guests can learn about traditional Javanese farming and cooking techniques, whilst also sampling produce at a beautiful location overlooking the land where it was grown.

Further east in Komodo National Park, fresh fish is always on the menu. This marine wonderland is a fully stocked larder of seafood, central to the lives of local fishermen and their families. Nothing compares to the taste of fresh fish caught from the ocean and then steamed on home fires or grilled to perfection on a smoky beach barbeque. Guests at Plataran Komodo are able to visit a fisherman’s village to discover the daily lives of the locals, see how they live in close harmony with the sea, and sample the catch of the day with a delicious seafood dinner.


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