Day Of Silence

Day Of Silence

11 March 2019

Also known as the Day of Silence, Nyepi is a unique Hindu festival, celebrated all over Bali and throughout the ancient Tengger communities surrounding the slopes of Mount Bromo in Java. For 24 hours there’s no trafc, no fres, no music, work, entertainment or travel. These celebrations mark the beginning of the Saka New Year and are a time when the Balinese and the villagers of Bromo traditionally purge evil spirits from their communities.

In the days and weeks leading up to Nyepi, Bali and Bromo are bustling, colorful and culturally compelling places to be. In a ritual known as the melasti pilgrimages, villagers take sacred relics down from shrines in their local temples, then take them to the sea or to rivers for ablutions. The result in Bali is a coastline packed with communities dressed in their fnest clothes and carrying precious artefacts; it’s the island at its beautiful best. Pilgrims begin to appear around the smoking craters and decorated shrines of the Bromo caldera too.

On the eve of Nyepi, giant demonic statues called ogoh-ogoh appear in Bali. Made of bamboo and colorful paper, these grotesque gargoyles symbolize malevolent spirits. After they have been paraded around the village, the Ngrupuk ritual takes place, in which the ogoh-ogoh are ceremonially burned. This whole process is referred to as the bhuta yajna ritual.

Nyepi is a time for peace and contemplation; a day of serenity in between carnivals and chaos. Whether you’re staying with Plataran in Bali or Bromo, join us in making this event another spectacle to remember. This year, Nyepi will be celebrated from 6AM on Thursday, March 7 until 6AM the following morning.

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