Borobudur Countryside

Borobudur Countryside

Borobudur, 09 January 2019

According to local myth and legend, the Menoreh Hills of Central Java actually depict the sleeping outline of Gunadarma, architect of Borobudur Temple. Like the monument itself, this region is a captivating labyrinth of natural wonders and cultural treasures just waiting to be explored.

Stretching from Kulon Progo Regency in the west to Magelang Regency in the east, this region offers up myriad attractions for the curious traveler. The ancient town of Magelang is nestled in a spellbinding landscape of rolling hills, such as Punthuk Setumbu, where you can watch sunrise illuminate the valley and gaze in wonder as Borobudur emerges from the mist at dawn. Borobudur’s sister temples, namely Mendut and Pawon, provide a wider perspective on the architecture, culture and ancient religion that once made this area the epicentre of power and pilgrimage in Java.

Today, many fields and villages fan out from the great mandala of the world’s largest Buddhist monument. For guests in the region, this rural landscape provides a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into local culture and discover Java’s distinctive identity through its arts. Whether exploring local villages, taking a ride in a traditional horse cart or learning Javanese pottery techniques, the rich culture and heritage of Java is all around.


Indonesia has been blessed with intoxicating natural beauty and a cultural backstory to match. Framed by the jungles of Java, the white sands of Bali and the otherworldly mountains of Komodo, these landscapes have been the setting for some epic moments in history. Today, vast monuments stand as reminders of civilizations passed, whilst the character and nature of Indonesia is kept alive in its national parks, in the beauty of its wild places and in the captivating intricacy of its cultures.
Plataran resorts are nestled in places where this blend of history, nature and culture is at its most vibrant. Living in harmony with these locations allows guests to get a unique insight into their character; for example, by travelling to central Java’s immense Borobudur monument, scaling the crater of mighty mount Bromo, or escaping to nature in West Bali National Park and Komodo Island.
In each of Indonesia’s World Heritage Sites, authentic experiences and a deep appreciation can be gained. Each location represents something special about the archipelago, a piece of the puzzle that adds up to a bigger picture; from the cultural heritage and religious devotion of Borobudur, to the tranquil biodiversity of Bali and the explosive power of Bromo; from Java to Komodo, each site is emblematic of Indonesia. The best way to discover these storied locations, and experience them to the fullest, is to delve deep into the soil, coral, jungle and village dust that keeps these traditions so vividly alive.

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