A Taste of History in Bali

A Taste of History in Bali

Step through the doorway of the Javanese joglo pavilion, beneath the traditional alang-alang rooftops, and into a truly unforgettable dining experience. Tucked away in a quiet rural corner of Canggu, Plataran at Canggu is a heavenly enclave where food, like heritage, can be celebrated and savored.

The joglo has stood proudly for over 150 years, but it doesn’t stand alone; hand-picked Javanese antiques, combined with the delicate grace of Balinese landscape gardening combine to create a uniquely Indonesian ambiance that’s steeped in history. Into this peaceful setting, traditional dishes from all over the archipelago are served, giving you a true taste of Indonesia.

Named one of Indonesia’s Best Restaurants by Indonesian Tatler Magazine, Plataran at Canggu offers a range of signature culinary dishes that reflect its devotion to Indonesian culinary tradition, including such classics as Ayam Dharmawangsa, Nasi Goreng Keling, Ayam Betutu and Dendeng Batokok. Plataran Canggu Resort & Spa, where the restaurant is located, has also received a Tri Hita Karana Gold Award in recognition of its sustainable practices and adherence to spiritual, social and environmental principles.

Plataran at Canggu is a foodie haven away from the crowds, where nature and heritage combine for a timeless dining experience.

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