Plataran, 13 December 2018

Plataran Indonesia Received 4 Tri Hita Karana 2018 Bali Awards

Group of Plataran Bali is pleased and honoured to have received four prestigious awards in recognition of our significant achievements in implementing Tri Hita Karana values into Plataran Hotels & Resorts in Bali.
Rumah Heritage Jakarta, 29 November 2018

Indonesian Degustation at Rumah Heritage Jakarta

Dégustation is a methodical, considered and deeply appreciative approach to food tasting, in which diners are treated to myriad flavors, ingredients, dishes and designs. A richly varied and fully immersive culinary experience, it focuses primarily on the gustatory system and stirs the senses, complemented by high culinary artwork and the liberal addition of good company.
Plataran Borobudur & Plataran Bromo, 29 November 2018

Exotic Wedding Roadshow

Currently, there is a growing global trend for unique wedding ceremonies centered around exotic locations. With its many breath-taking landscapes, warm tropical climate and a diverse kaleidoscope of cultures, Indonesia represents a wedding destination that’s destined to live long in the memory. Venues throughout the archipelago can combine nature, history and rich local heritage, all wrapped up in the unique charm and hospitality that is so unmistakably Indonesian. In each of these storied settings, Plataran resorts provide elegant facilities and exemplary services to complement nature’s backdrop.
Plataran Venue & Dining, 29 November 2018

Permana Sigidprawiro

Pak Permana is the COO of Plataran Venue & Dining at Plataran Indonesia, and just like the company itself, his story branches out into many countries and cultures, but has its roots firmly in the soil of Indonesia. Building up from an educational foundation in business administration and marketing, he got his frst taste of the hospitality business under the bright lights of New York, where he lived for almost a year. Next, Pak Permana moved to New Zealand, where he was offered a residency permit and stayed for almost eleven years.
29 November 2018

Underwater World

Located in the heart of the coral triangle, Indonesia stretches 5,000 kilometers across warm equatorial waters in an archipelago made up of more than 17,000 islands. Just beyond these idyllic sandy shores, a bustling marine metropolis awaits, home to 3,000 types of fsh and 600 coral species, along with turtles, dolphin, sharks and manta rays. Indonesia’s crystalline waters provide pin-sharp visibility, ideal for up close wildlife encounters.
Plataran Borobudur, 13 June 2018

Spa Day Heaven: Padma Spa at Plataran Borobudur

If You’re in Java, relax with a massage and scrub - though it's all about the volcanic stone tub and epic view. Indonesian hospitality is in full effect at Padma Spa at Plataran Borobudur Resort. The exotic teakwood villa that houses the space sits perched like a Javanese treehouse on a hillside overlooking a dense forest of teak, casuarina and rasamala trees.
Plataran Borobudur, 23 May 2018

Plataran Borobudur: A Luxury Resort In A Dream Setting

Looking for a Borobudur Hotel on Java? pamper yourself at a private villa with your own pool in the hills above the scenic Buddhist temple. The Plataran Borobudur Resort & Spa ticked all the right boxes for Wally and me. From its proximity to the iconic 9th century Buddhist monument Borobudur, which could be seen in the distance from our private villa’s very own infinity pool, the decision was easy.
14 May 2018

The Greatest Wealth is Health

From the heart of our Wellness Culinary Team, we proudly introduce Mymy: our Health and Nutrition
Specialist – a raw food chef, a nutrition expert, and a certified yoga instructor.

Bringing healthier, fresher, and lighter takes on culinary delights, Mymy now shares her wholesome
expertise as a part of the Plataran East meets West Culinary Team.
Plataran Komodo, 08 April 2018

Choosing between staying in a hotel or a boat in Labuan Bajo

Traveling to Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara usually means island hopping to visit the various islands that make up Komodo National Park. With such a setting, accommodation in the region is generally divided into two types, namely staying in a regular hotel or staying aboard a boat during the trip.
Plataran Borobudur, 04 April 2018

3D2N at Plataran Borobudur

Over the Easter long weekend, we headed to Yogyakarta with our friends for a short holiday. It was a much needed period of quality family time, and I think all of us left with many fond memories of our stay at Plataran Borobudur.
Plataran Komodo, 30 March 2018

You NEED to know about this underrated Indonesian destination

I remember the first time I visited Bali, it was the first real overseas trip Matt and I took together and we lived la Vida bogan like you would not believe. We were all about that beach life, buying knock-off errythang and drinking more Bintang than any normal person should. It was great.
Plataran Canggu Bali, 16 February 2018

Staycation di Plataran Canggu

Hola, tulisan kali ini gue mau share cerita pengalaman gue staycation di Plataran yang paling tertua umurnya di Bali, yaitu Plataran Canggu, jadi dari Plataran Ubud gue langsung ke Plataran Canggu. Sesampenya disini gue kembali disambut sama keramahan staff Plataran yang bikin hati jadi tenang yakan.
Plataran Menjangan, 12 January 2018

Things You Can Do at Plataran Menjangan

Tahun 2018 diawali dengan sebuah perjalanan singkat ke Bali yang sangat tidak direncanakan. Tadinya mau ada meeting dan kerjaan tapi semua pending... Akhirnya 2 Januari 2018 Pk 13.00, aku booked tiket pesawat ke Bali untuk terbang 18.25 malamnya. Thank God, keputusan spontaneous ini membuahkan hasil menjadi trip terbaik yang aku alami di minggu pertama 2018.
Patio Venue, 05 January 2018

Patio Venue Jakarta

Patio Venue is this combination of glamorous and zen, upon entering the restaurant, you'll be pampered with the lush green plants surrounding the restaurant, and on the time of my visit, it was raining very hard so it kinda enhance the vibey experience, and one thing for sure, absolutely homey.
Plataran Ubud, 10 November 2017

Plataran Ubud Resort & Spa

This is our third time in a Plataran resort. For us it’s not only a certainty but a familiarity symbol. Let’s say that when we think about it, we think about Bali and when someone asks for advice about where to stay, we are used to suggest it.
Plataran Borobudur, 09 November 2017

Indonesian Charm: Plataran Borobudur Resort & Spa

Ada yang kece lagi nih gaes yang perlu kamu tau bangeeetttt! No! No! No! Ini bukan tentang air mata, bukan tentang kita yang udah nggak bisa bareng-bareng mewujudkan cita-cita yang pernah dulu kita impikan bersama. Eaaaaaakkkk.... Tapi tentang one of the beautiful hotel in Magelang gaes! Pelataran Borobudur Resort & Spa! Wohooooo! Penasaran kan kenapa gue bilang kece sampe-sampe gue memilih nih resort sebagai tempat stay gue selama #BenjurMagelang kemaren?
Plataran Menjangan, 27 October 2017

Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa

The concept on which the Plataran Menjangan is based is the perfect harmony with nature and deep respect for it. We could call it an “exotic luxury.“ The senses are switch on from the moment you enter the resort.
02 October 2017

Plataran Menteng: Indonesian Dining with a Touch of Elegance and History

While savoring layers of flavors in a bowl of Salad Putri Dewi, one will be inclined to make a comparison to the richness of history behind the physicality of Plataran Menteng.
Plataran Komodo, 22 September 2017

Escape To Plataran Komodo

My first time in Labuan Bajo and I couldn’t be happier to have stayed at Plataran Komodo Resort. This was my second time staying at a Plataran resort, the first being in Borobudur, so I knew from past experience I was going to have an amazing stay.
19 September 2017

Plataran Encounter: Segehan Ritual at Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa

Every day at Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa, guests will witness a unique ceremonial act called “Segehan“ being held by the staffs.
Plataran Canggu Bali, 18 September 2017

Blush and Gold Bali Garden Wedding at Plataran Canggu Resort and Spa

After moving thousands of miles from friends and family, Sophie and Franck envisioned an intimate and exotic destination wedding at Plataran Canggu Resort and Spa in Bali to celebrate their unique story.
Plataran Borobudur, 13 April 2017

Plataran Borobudur Resort and Spa

The temple of Borobudur has left us speechless with the beauty of its landscape, but we have to admit that the Plataran Resort has literally conquest us. We arrive at the resort in the morning, the elevator doors open up to the lobby and the view of the temple is unbelievable. It is hard to explain even through images guys.