Atlantis on the Rock offers a wide selection of International and Indonesian comfort food to indulge in while soaking in the beauty of nature.

Nasi Goreng on the Rock

Traditional Indonesian fried rice server with your choice of following: kampung (village) chicken sate , fried Egg floss, pickled cucumber and sambal.

Probably Indonesia’s favourite dish, nasi goreng is a blank canvas with which a culinary artist makes his masterpiece. It is enjoyed everywhere, from roadside kaki lima vendors to cosmopolitan restaurants and formal occasions. Each corner of the archipelago has its own unique take on this iconic dish, adding a touch of local flair to the recipe with special ingredients and methodology. Plataran chefs from Atlantis on the Rock give the dish their own personal twist, combining the rich and smoky aromas of stir-fried rice and caramelised soy sauce with local kampung chicken sate, fried egg floss, pickled cucumbers and fiery sambal on the side. Beyond Indonesia, nasi goreng has won global popularity through Indonesian influence in Sri Lanka and immigrant communities in Suriname and the Netherlands. But the best place to taste Indonesia’s national dish is right here, on the shores of the archipelago itself.

Dulang Seafood

Mixed seafood grilled with ( prawn , lobster, Squid, fish of the day and Traditional sambal and nasi bambu ).

Found throughout Indonesia, dulang (meaning ‘royal plate’) are circular trays with a lip around their outer edge. Made from bone, china, wood or brass, and common to cultures throughout the archipelago, they often take centre stage at ceremonial events and special occasions. From the beaches of Bali to the highlights of North Sumatra, these regal platters are an elegant and appetizing way to deliver food to distinguished guests. With this in mind, Atlantis on the Rock presents our newest signature dish: a sumptuous seafood platter, comprising grilled prawn, lobster and squid, served alongside freshly caught fish of the day. Accompanied by traditional sambal accompaniments and rice cooked in local bamboo, this is a satisfying Flores specialty that’s fit for a King.

Kerapu Bakar Labuan Bajo

Grilled fish of the day served with colo colo sambal and sauteed water spinach

Ikan Kerapu (‘grouper’ in English) is a native of Indonesia with a growing reputation on the international stage as one of our archipelago’s finest exports. Characterised by its flat body shape and wide mouth, kerapu come in many kinds; from Batik to Bebek, and from Mud to Tiger, Balong, Sunok, Kustang and even the ‘Beautiful’, each has its own character, taste and story to tell. Some can live for 25 years and grow to a massive 300kg. While some species are endangered, ours are abundant in the tropical coral reefs surrounding Labuan Bajo, and local fishermen harvest them sustainably as they have done for generations. Grilled on a barbeque overlooking the beach, enlivened with spicy colo-colo sambal and served with fresh kangkung (sautéed water spinach), our fish of the day is a dish to savour.

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